8 Ways to Prospect on Social Networks
Ranked from Worst to Best

Prospecting on social networks comes in many shapes and forms. Some are better than others. Let’s take a look at some of the popular ways for social prospecting – from spammy techniques to epic social selling techniques.


  1. Automated messaging. Automated messaging tools continuously search for prospects by running searches or even going as far as scraping the details of everyone who liked certain posts. For every prospect found, this automation tool sends messages again and again advertising its owner׳s products. Some tools even scrape the email addresses of prospects who made the mistake of accepting a connection request from the tool and adds them to a mailing list.  Social selling level: Spam
  1. Search bot. Search bots continuously look for conversations that include certain keywords. When found, the bot posts pre-programmed messages that advertise its owner’s products. Its owner hopes that these messages will be read by the participants of the conversations, as well as search engines. Social selling level: Spam
  1. Drip campaigns. Drip campaigns begin by manually identifying prospects on social networks.  Next, connection requests are sent to those identified prospects.  If accepted, a series of pre-configured messages is manually sent to these prospects overtime. These messages aim to “educate” the prospects on the benefits of a solution as well as try to secure a meeting with a sales executive. Social selling level: Annoyings
  1. Advertisement. Ads on social networks can be quite an effective way to get more prospects – especially when combined with contests, discount codes, social proofs, and referral campaigns. Of course, the more money you spend on ads, The more results you will see. This makes advertising the most expensive marketing strategy you can employ. Social selling level: Pay-to-Play


  1. Sponsorships. You can partner with an influencer that is well known by your target audience. This way, you can get a reputable content creator to talk about you as part of a social media content that your target audience is already consuming.  Social selling level: Pay-to-Play


  1. Social personalization. By reading through your prospects’ posts and comments, you can gain an excellent understanding of their interests. Using these insights. You can craft personalized messages. For example, if a prospect talks about basketball a lot, then your message should be about basketball and your solution should be described Using basketball terms. Social selling level: Beginners


  1. Engaging content. If you understand your audience, you can create engaging, social-media friendly content. The best content is one that engages your audience on social networks on one hand, and but gets enough people to visit your site. Combine this with gated content, from white papers to webinars, and you can collect the details of relevant prospects. Social selling level: Intermediate


  1. Nurturing relationships. After identifying your prospects on social networks, you take the time to read their posts on a regular basis and respond to them. Your responses should contribute to the discussion, give attention to your prospects, and show your expertise. If relevant, you may add your own content into the conversation. When appropriate, you can privately ask for a call or a meeting to discuss your solution.  Social selling level: Epic
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