Algorithmic Content

Get relevant, engaging algorithmic content posts straight to your mail box

Build brand equity and executive thought leadership with ease

Generate market research content with ease

Daily insight into most relevant and popular news in your field – Learn from the combined wisdom of experts and key opinion leaders

Content designed to nurture relations with Key Opinion Leaders in your market 


  • Model the information flow around any industry or brand
  • Model thousands of relevant Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) that impact and drive information flow around the industry or brand. KOL can be journalists, analysts, experts, bloggers, C level executives, community leaders, politicians and more.
  • Each KOL generates ongoing data points through interactions, conversations and article sharing
  • The model collects millions of data points generates by KOLs over time
  • Continuous updates of the model helps maintain relevancy over time


  • Analyze information flow in any industry or around any brand using model data as sample
  • Analyze all connections and data points in the model using AI and machine learning to extract all people, relations, conversations, topics, content, web sites and more
  • Handle big data with smart data handling to allow normalization, prioritization and ranking of each data point
  • Enhance model data with high level information such as concepts


  • Daily delivery of relevant algorithmic posts help marketers with the ongoing content demands.
  • Build thought leadership and brand equity with algorithmic content pieces designed to nurture relations with key opinion leaders.
  • Automatic creation of branded content address a real need for many companies. According to Gartner, with limited budgets and marketing personnel, there is an urgent need for tools that help develop, produce and deliver branded content.
  • Continuously understand the "hot buttons" of KOLs, allowing brands to design effective awareness and leadership campaigns and create content that resonate with target audience
  • Generate market research content with ease enabling better understanding of your audience across your organization
  • Measure ongoing interest level among KOLs around topics and issues, to gauge the impact of marketing campaigns, ensuring budgets are spent wisely and effectively
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