Algorithmically generated truth- using AI to focus on experts’ voices and avoid fake news during a pandemic

Eran was recently a speaker at the virtual AI conference by SwissCognitive

It was a great opportunity to discuss artificial intelligence with a superb lineup of global speakers.

Eran presented Sighteer’s approach, using artificial intelligence and modeling to zone in on relevant experts and generate truthful content.

To help out at the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve put Sighteer technology to the task and created 10 different models of experts discussing Corona and Covid19. We modeled and analyzed the information flow among epidemiologists, pharmaceutical industry, economists, politicians from both sides of the aisle and local leaders at countries where the pandemic peaked.

The result was a dedicated content destinations allowing customers and anyone to focus on experts’ voices and see the clear picture with ease.

In his presentation at SwissCognitive, Eran explained the phases of modeling, analyzing and algorithmic content creation that are at the core of Sighteer’s capabilities.

Click here to read about algorithmically generated truth at Swiss Cognitive.

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