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Can AI Conquer Information Overload?

Innovative marketers are increasingly relying on AI to empower data driven decisions.  As one of these innovative marketers, David Lavenda, Chief Product Officer and VP Marketing of, has  tried out Sigheer’s Personal Edition and wrote about his experience.  Information overload is a pain shared by many marketers today. Global events create a flood of

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Are you sharing quizzes with your audience?

People like quizzes. They are fun to take and often fun to share.  Quizzes get most of their traffic from social networks and are often helpful in getting your audience engaged and involved.  While there are many sites that enable creation of general quizzes – these tend to be geared to consumer audience. Sighteer enables

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Sighteer Personal Edition – By Invitation Only

Building an engaging and inviting personal brand is a goal of many executives and business leaders. But building a personal brand is not easy. The hardest part is having a unique, genuine point of view, and even the easier parts are not easy: Keeping on top of key news and trends in today’s noisy environment

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Getting A Handle On Covid19 With Sighteer

As Corona Virus traveled across the globe infecting millions of people and forcing us all to take a pause at home, it seemed that Covid19 was all anyone talked about. Since Covid19 is a new virus we all went through a quick learning curve, discussing infection factors, containment strategies and talking about vaccine challenges. From

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