Algorithmic Market Research Content – Most Read Articles On Key Topics

Heraclitus, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher said many years ago that “Change is the only constant in life”.

This is of course still true to this day and even more so that Heraclitus could imagine. Marketers are tasks with understanding their customers – their problem, pain and needs. In addition, Marketers are expected to identify trends and changes so that the company and product can adapt accordingly.

Problem is that conducting market research is a costly and time-consuming effort. With marketing departments running low on resources as it is, it’s often a task that’s hard to achieve.

With Sighteer’s algorithmic content solution, creating a monthly summary takes a few minutes. Armed with a model of experts in your field and empowered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Sighteer allows you to learn from the combined wisdom of experts and key opinion leaders in your market.

Gain insight into constant market changes based on modeling of experts’ wisdom

Here is an example from the marketing industry. Below are algorithmic content posts generated automatically by Sighteer at the end of May, providing a quick summary of most read articles on key topics as well as most engaging tweets shared by marketing experts and key opinion leaders.

The 10 must read articles on Marketing represents the interests of CMOs and other marketing professionals as seen in Sighteer’s model. It is created as a web page automatically allowing easy sharing within your company, social profiles and audience.

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