Getting A Handle On Covid19 With Sighteer

As Corona Virus traveled across the globe infecting millions of people and forcing us all to take a pause at home, it seemed that Covid19 was all anyone talked about.

Since Covid19 is a new virus we all went through a quick learning curve, discussing infection factors, containment strategies and talking about vaccine challenges.

From a personal perspective we, like everyone, were concerned about the safetly and well being of our children, our parents, friends and peers. As such we wanted to learn as much as we can about Corona and Covid19 as quickly as possible.

From a professional stand point we understood that everyone around us, in any industry and in any role, are concerned about the same thing.

However, because everyone was talking about corona and covid19 it was very hard to find reliable information as opposed to fake news and unverified studies. The noise level around the topic was crazy making it impossible to take a quick look online and figure out what’s going on.

To help out in this crisis pandemic time, we’ve decided to put Sighteer’s technology to the task, aiming to track key events from trusted sources, while removing noise, panic and fake news. 

We’ve created 10 different models analyzing information flow among epidemiologists, pharmaceutical industry, economists, politicians from both sides of the aisle and local leaders.

Model information is used to algorithmically create our Corona model based timeline. The web page is automatically created and updated daily, allowing for a quick read into the events shaping our lives.

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