S3 - Sighteer Social Selling

S3 allows organizations to fully embrace social selling in a secure and compliant manner. Customized to your industry by an advanced AI, S3 can truly assist both your organization and individual team members to unleash the full potential of social selling. S3 enables you to maintain your competitive edge in a world that is becoming more and more digital centric.

Sighteer AI

  • Continuously learns your industry and develops a deep domain knowledge of your subject matter
  • Finds, ranks and analyzes thousands of influencers and key opinion leaders per domain
  • Collects, prioritizes and analyzes tens of thousands of content pieces every day
  • Easily extends to any domain or industry

Sighteer Assistant

  • Chrome extension for outbound team members that suggests engaging content and smart responses to turn cold leads to warm opportunities
  • Easily post content to your digital profile to engage your contacts
  • Join conversations with leads and business contacts, with Sighteer AI providing you with inspirations for smart and creative responses

Sighteer Lighthouse

  • Daily suggestions for corporate executives for becoming thought leaders
  • Provides suggestions with whom to connect every day
  • Highlights conversations you should join, and provides inspirations on how to do so
  • Repurpose marketing content through 1:1 conversations with key opinion leaders and prospects 

Sighteer Purify

  • Enable decision makers to understand real trends among target audiences while protecting them from fake news and biased opinions
  • Use social data to understand your audience while focusing only on trustworthy information
  • Track topics of interest without being distracted by fake and unrelated news 

Sighteer Console

  • Align social sales with marketing strategy 
  • Automatically transform existing marketing content into compliant social selling campaigns
  • Generate algorithmic content for use by team members during social selling activities
  • Manage relationships with key opinion leaders and influencers to focus on the more responsive ones
  • Designed for marketing departments
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