Sighteer AI Platform

Sighteer learns your industry and makes it easier for companies and executives to be active on social networks - providing time saving guidance and inspirations for social activities, while avoiding compliance risks and fake news

Sighteer AI

  • Continuously learns your industry and develops a deep domain knowledge of your subject matter
  • Finds, ranks and analyzes thousands of influencers and key opinion leaders per domain
  • Collects, prioritizes and analyzes tens of thousands of content pieces every day
  • Easily extends to any domain or industry

Sighteer Purify

  • Enable decision makers to understand real trends among target audiences while protecting them from fake news and biased opinions
  • Use social data to understand your audience while focusing only on trustworthy information
  • Track topics of interest without being distracted by fake and unrelated news 
  • Daily digest of credible relevant content in your industry
  • Easily post content to your digital profile to engage your contacts

Sighteer Engage

  • Effortless engagement with AI inspirations for quick response crafting
  • Leverage insightful algorithmic content ready for sharing and building your social presence
  • Join conversations with leads, key opinion leaders and business contacts with ease
  • Increase your social foot print to maximize engagement with your target audience

Sighteer Guide

  • On-going guidance for nurturing relationships with your contacts and with relevant key opinion leaders
  • Daily suggestions for corporate executives for becoming thought leaders
  • Provides suggestions with whom to connect every day
  • Highlights conversations you should join, and provides inspirations on how to do so
  • Repurpose marketing content through 1:1 conversations with key opinion leaders and prospects 

Sighteer Sync

  • Align team’s social actions with marketing strategy 
  • Automatically transform existing marketing content into compliant social campaigns
  • Ensure messaging consistency across the various social channels associated with the organization and your team
  • Generate algorithmic content for use by team members to increase their efficiency
  • Manage relationships with key opinion leaders and influencers to focus on the more responsive ones
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