Sighteer Social Selling AI

Create a Quiz in 2 Minutes

Creating engaging content for your audience is big part of social selling . Problem is it takes a lot of time, especially when you deal in highly technical areas, such as cyber security. Here is how to produce, with the help of Sighteer AI, a cyber security quiz in less than 2 minutes. Check out the quiz itself here

Recent insightful cyber opinions (June 2021)

Click here for links to the tweets.

Trending science articles for the week of 19-Jun-2021

Trending science articles, from "The genes that turn wild animals into pets" to " Aliens Wouldn't Need Warp Drives to Take Over an Entire Galaxy", as curated by Sighteer AI. Click here for links to the full articles.

How to Get a 90% Acceptance Rate on LinkedIn

Get a 90% acceptance rate on LinkedIn when building a sales pipeline for your cybersecurity solution -- be nice to your prospects and get some help from an AI
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