Sighteer Personal Edition – By Invitation Only

Building an engaging and inviting personal brand is a goal of many executives and business leaders. But building a personal brand is not easy. The hardest part is having a unique, genuine point of view, and even the easier parts are not easy:

  • Keeping on top of key news and trends in today’s noisy environment
  • Finding and engaging relevant key opinion leaders
  • Generating a constant stream of fabulous content

Sighteer Personal Branding Edition reduces the time and effort of building a personal brand. Every day, Sighteer generates and sends both great content pieces about the issues you care about and the latest, most-relevant news.

Sighteer’s technology begins by modeling and analyzing the information flow among key opinion leaders. Sighteer then uses artificial intelligence to algorithmically generate content and news. In other words, Sighteer leverages the combined wisdom of thousands of experts to help you create a delightful personal brand

Sighteer Personal Branding Edition is designed to help you build a personal brand around topics that are close to your heart like:

  • Sustainability
  • Science and innovation 
  • Gender equality, diversity & inclusion
  • Black Lives Matter Movement
  • Marketing 
  • Management & leadership
  • Coronavirus
  • Business & Finance
  • Startups & venture funding

You will receive daily email updates highlighting the most relevant news articles and tweets, allowing you to easily track events in your market. You will also receive algorithmic content suggestions enabling you to build thought leadership and nurture relations with key opinion leaders of interest. Algorithmic content posts can be used on any social channel to increase engagement with key opinion leaders.

Sighteer Personal Edition is free platform for qualified executives and requires an invitation from an existing member.

In some cases, we may provide you with a direct invitation, Please contact us via email at “team AT”  for details. Please include your name, company, and role.

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