Using Modeling And AI To Highlight Challenges of Content Marketing In A Crisis

Content marketing is challenging at regular times but these challenges intensify at times of crisis. 

We are big fans of using our own technology, or as the saying goes, eating our own dog food. So to get a better sense of the main challenges marketers face we turned to Sighteer’s model of CMOs and marketing professionals. 

Let me do a quick detour and explain about Sighteer’s approach. We typically model our customers’ target audience allowing them to gain insight and generate relevant algorithmic content to increase engagement with their audience.

Since marketers are Sighteer’s target audience – we’ve created a model of CMOs and marketing professionals. We continuously analyze all connections and interactions in the model, enhancing the analysis with machine learning and AI. 

Using the marketing model enables us to better understand our audience and generate relevant content based on their interests. 

Which leads me back to content marketing in a pandemic. Analyzing posts and articles by CMOs and digital marketers highlighted the following challenges at this time of crisis:

  • Finding relevant information is harder – everyone is talking about the crisis, increasing noise ratio and creating significant information overload  
  • Attention spans on social are very short as it is, but even more so at times of crisis when people’s attention is elsewhere
  • Social channels and activities are the face of your brand – be it a commercial brand or a personal one – which means there is a lot of pressure on social teams to get it right. At times of crisis and uncertainty, the pressure is mounting since messaging is often impacted by the crisis.. which leads to the next point..
  • Its a fast moving world and during crisis the pace is quicker – brands must be quick in understanding the situation, analyze their audience perception and decide on the right messaging for the time. 

Sighteer’s modeling approach and AI technology are helpful in quickly understanding the situation, highlighting ongoing changing trends, pain and issues.  

At the same time, Sighteer’s content generation helps you communicate with your audience, addressing their issues and building brand equity and thought leadership at the same time.

Below is an example of model based news that help our customers gain valuable insight and generate relevant content with ease.

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