Algorithmic Content

Model. Analyze. Engage.

  • Does your company invest in brand equity and thought leadership?
  • Is content generation stretching your resources to the limit?
  • Does your audience find your content of interest?
  • Looking to engage and connect with other key opinion leaders in your market?
  • Does keeping your team on top on industry news and trends take too much time?


  • Model the information flow in any industry and around any brand
  • Discover thousands of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) based on a sample of a few hand picked ones
  • Collect millions of data points generated by relevant KOLs
  • Continuously update model with new KOLs and data points


  • Analyze modeled information based on data samples collected
  • Compute all connections in the model - people, relations, conversations, content, web sites and more
  • Normalize all interactions to prioritize and rank each entity in the model
  • Enhance model data with machine learning to add higher level information such as concepts


  • Suggested algorithmic content pieces are delivered daily to your inbox
  • Algorithmic content is designed to build thought leadership and brand equity
  • Drive conversations with KOLs using algorithmic content
  • Measure your influence rank among KOLs as well as KOLs interest in your topics over time


                                                                     Sighteer’s Advantage

  • Get engaging algorithmic content posts straight to your mail box
  • Build brand equity and executive thought leadership with ease
  • Gain daily insight into most relevant and popular news in your field, learning from the combined wisdom of experts and key opinion leaders
  • Content designed to nurture relations with Key Opinion Leaders in your market
  • Generate market research content in a few minutes


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