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Project Max - Jewish Sport community that fights intolerance

Proud to collaborate with Maccabi World Union
to bring the Jewish Sport story to wider audiences and fight intolerance

Project Max In The News

Maccabi And Sighteer Use Sports History NFTs To Build Community Across The Metaverse
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Jerusalem Post
Top stars join Maccabi’s NFT project - Four sports stars, judoka Arik Zeevi, basketball player Shay Doron, American-Israeli basketball player Tamir Goodman and NBA player Eddie Johnson joined the strategic team of Project Max by the Maccabi World Union and the company Sighteer to turn historical exhibits in the Maccabi Museum that are being turned into digital NFTs.
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Jerusalem Post
Maccabi World to turn museum exhibits into NFTs in partnership with tech company Sighteer.
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Israel Hayom
Jewish sport memorabilia leaps into metaverse in form of NFTs. "Project Max,"a joint initiative between the Maccabi World Union and Israeli company Sighteer, seeks to create global awareness about and promote the "inspiring story of Jewish sport on social media and the metaverse."
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Blog de Stellusz (Spanish)
Historical Treasures of Jewish Sports Become NFT. Maccabi World Union and Sighteer collaborate to launch a global awareness project to promote the inspiring history of Jewish sport on social media and Metaverse.
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The One - Ynet (Hebrew)
New initiative turns Jewish Sports treasures to NFTs.. here is how it works..
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Israel Hayom Sport (Hebrew)
Trophies, banners and photos tell the historic story of Jewish Sports - now they will be minted as NFTs
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Ynet (Hebrew)
Partnership between Maccabi World Union and Sighteer turns historical Jewish Sports memorabilia to digital collectibles NFTs
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Walla Finance (Hebrew)
Maccabi Crypto - Jewish Sport News turned to NFTs
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