AI Driven Demand Generation

Model. Analyze. Generate. Engage. Measure.

Foster Relations
Connect with hundreds of key opinion leaders and prospects in your industry
Get industry insight
Understand what key opinion leaders and prospects are interested in
Generate Content
Easily generate, curate and combine content for your digital presence
Detect potential engagement opportunities and generate business fruitful outcomes
Save time
Drive demand on social networks with just a few minutes per day






Accelerate Demand Generation By Leveraging Domain Influencers

Sighteer's Customers Are Saying...

“Being surrounded with endless amounts of information, its truly a pleasure both personally and professionally working with the Sighteer team and leveraging their unique AI engine. Sighteer serves for us as a light house in the vast oceans of information. It provides us with a data-based navigation tool, pointing our marketing and content creation efforts in the right direction.”

Nirit Icekson
VP Marketing & Business Development, HolistiCyber
“Today we are pummeled with information. We waste valuable time dealing with a continuous deluge of information, misinformation and disinformation. In this noisy environment, traditional filtering methods don't cut it. Sighteer’s new modeling and AI technology enables marketeers to cut through the noise and reach key opinion leaders with relevant information. This unique approach represents a new and practical way to foster thought leadership in your field of expertise.”
David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer and VP Marketing,
Nowadays, just promoting a product or service is not enough to win customers. Rather, companies and executives must become thought leaders in their industries. Sighteer provides an efficient, data-driven solution to thought leadership – from identifying key opinion leaders to algorithmically generating the huge amount of content required.
Gabriel Sosnowiez
Owner at Xceed agency
I love Sighteer’s service - It saves me a lot of time and effort and it encourages me to engage more with key opinion leaders. Sighteer’s daily suggestions highlight interesting articles and interesting people, creating new social media connections and conversations for me.
Jen Stirrup
CEO, Data Relish, Top 100 Global Data Visionary, Top 50 Women in Tech

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