Effortlessly Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Individual’s and brand’s social persona are among the most important assets to build. But in our hybrid-hectic work world, most of us do not spend the time or effort required to create a digital presence and sustain it. 

While the business need of active digital presence is crystal clear, implementing a digital first strategy is risky to companies and requires creativity, attention, and time allocation from executives.

Sighteer is the first AI platform that learns your industry and makes it easier for companies and executives to succeed on social networks – by avoiding risks and providing time saving guidance and inspirations for their social network activities.

Sighteer is led by Roni Reshef, Eran Reshef and Asher Polani, veteran entrepreneurs who founded multiple successful startups in a variety of market domains. Sighteer’s founding team has deep social media expertise including a decade of providing large scale engagement projects to government and global companies.

Eran Reshef, Co-Founder & CEO

Sanctum, Skybox, BlueSecurity, Collactive, RelationFlow

Asher Polani, Chairman & CBO

Amdocs, MINT, HP, Finjan, FTS, Au10TIX, ContinUse

Roni Reshef, Co-Founder & COO

Sanctum, Skybox, BlueSecurity, Collactive, RelationFlow

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